Emotional Competence for Executives

Achieving Better Relationships to Improve Personal and Organizational Performance


We are finally getting past the old paradigm of leaving your emotions at home and accepting that emotions are a rich source of information and motivation not obtained through any other means. Further, we know that when people get along, cooperate and care for one another that their performance is significantly higher over those that do not get along, compete and stay in their silos. Bottom line, emotions affect performance; emotions affect everything you do.

Leadership fundamentally is a social experience steeped heavily in emotional authenticity. Without a degree of compassion, respect or caring, leadership will suffer poor relationships and limit the effectiveness of the leaders.

How will you benefit?

Gain a deeper understanding of the critical importance of emotions and the necessary skills in recognizing and using your emotions constructively. An emphasis on the biology of emotions, (how and why we have them), identifying emotions early, controlling and/or using emotions, recognizing emotions in others and responding to others. We will explore the participants skills levels, expectations, questions and life experiences with emotions, and then use this assessment as a guide for determining the emphasis for this seminar

Who should attend?

SES members, GS-15s, and their equivalents in state, local and international government
Note: Lodging and meals are included in the tuition. Lodging starts the first evening of the program and ends on the last day of the program.


2 days

College credits

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Facility: FEI
Location: Charlottesville, VA
Cost: $2,880
Class ID: 21788

Facility: FEI
Location: Charlottesville, VA
Cost: $2,880
Class ID: 21033
Facility: EMDC
Location: Shepherdstown, WV
Cost: $2,775
Class ID: 15132