1. Smiling business womanHow many states/regions do you currently serve, and what can I do if my state/region is not yet part of the areas you currently serve but we are interested to bring this program to our state/region?
  2. OPM’s Leadership Development Program currently serves three states/regions and will be soon be expanding its operations to four others. See the list of states/regions below:
    • Colorado Leadership Development Program (CLDP) since 2000
    • Utah Leadership Development Program (ULDP) since 2009
    • New Mexico Leadership Development Program (NMLDP) since 2010
    • Caribbean Leadership Development Program (CRBLDP), based in San Juan and serving Puerto Rico and the Caribbean area, coming in 2017
    • South Central Leadership Development Program (SCTLDP), based in Oklahoma City and serving Oklahoma and northern Texas, coming in 2017
    • Georgia Leadership Development Program (GALDP), based in Atlanta and serving Georgia, coming in 2017
    • New England Leadership Development Program (NELDP), based in Boston and serving the New England area, coming in 2018
    If your state/region is not currently on this list and you wish to bring the program to your area please contact us at: ldp@opm.gov

  3. What is the process that I need to follow to participate in this program?
    The process is as follows:
    • Read program description and assert if this program is for you or your employee
    • Complete the nomination packet (including agencies’ nomination process if any)
    • Submit the nomination packet to OPM’s LDP point of contact by the deadline
    • Await for OPM to approve your nomination and reply
    • Once accepted, read the notice of selection carefully, then sign and submit the required documents
    • Submit the registration packet and tuition payment by the deadline
    • Mark your calendar for the session dates
    • Complete pre-course assessments
    • Prepare for your orientation and enjoy the experience!

  4. What are the criteria to participate in the State/Regional LDP’s?
    These programs are designed to meet the leadership development needs of selected governments professionals at the GS-14, and GS-13 levels, as well as high potentials GS-12’s or equivalent, who work in federal, state or local government organizations located in the states/regions we serve. (For GS-11 employees, please see the next question.)

  5. I would like to nominate a GS-11 to participate in this program, can I?
    Nomination of high potential GS-11’s is possible in certain states/regions, but additional documentation, such as a current resume, will be required. After reviewing the nomination package OPM will determine if the person meets the criteria for a successful participation in this program.

  6. How and when will an applicant know if they have been selected to participate in the program?
    Participants are informed whether or not they have been selected no later than one month after the closing of nomination date for that particular program. At that time, the participants will receive a notice of selection and instructions to follow to complete the registration.

  7. What are the acceptable forms of payment?
    There are two primary ways to pay:
    • Government Purchase Card. This is the easiest method of payment. Complete the online registration form with the purchase card information.
    • Agency Funded Training Authorization. Complete the online registration form and your agency funded training documentation (SF182, Purchase Order, Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR), etc.). Training authorizations and support materials may be emailed or faxed to register@opm.gov. The funding documentation will be used to IPAC (electronic withdrawal) the payment. All funding documentation must contain your complete agency’s funding information or your registration to be processed. Once your complete registration and the funding document are received, you will receive a confirmation of enrollment 5 to 7 days after submission. Should you have questions about registration or providing payment, please call 202-606-0008 or email Register@opm.gov.

  8. Do you accept direct payment from individuals or the GI Bill as a form of payment?
    No, we do not accept direct payment of funds from individuals, nor can GI Bill benefits be used to pay for this program.

  9. How and when is the program tuition paid?
    A notification email is sent to the accepted applicants including information on how to pay the program tuition. The last day to pay the tuition for the program is by 5:00 pm EDT on the day before the program orientation date.

  10. In those programs that have two tracks, can the participant choose which track/schedule they prefer?
    No, participants do not have a choice on which track they are assigned to. Once Track 1 has a full class, then participants are assigned to Track 2. This is based on when the nominations are submitted.

  11. Where can I find more information about the State/Regional Programs?
    To learn more about the State/Regional Programs please go to: https://cldcentral.usalearning.gov/mod/page/view.php?id=10770 or contact:
              Marangeli Munoz-Muetzel, Ph.D              Robert Jenks
              State/Regional LDP Manager              State/Regional LDP Outreach Coordinator
              Email: Marangeli.Munoz@opm.gov              Email: Robert.Jenks@opm.gov
              Phone: 202-590-3169              Phone: 202-271-0470

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