Federal Executive Institute

The Federal Executive Institute (FEI) helps senior government leaders improve the performance of their organizations. FEI offers the Leadership for a Democratic Society Program (LDS), custom programs, and interagency courses.

FEI’s programs are designed to help executives perform effectively as the top leaders of the American civil service. As leaders with responsibility for running the agencies that defend, protect, regulate, and support our nation and its citizens, and for working effectively with each Presidential Administration and its political appointees, Federal executives are unique among managers.  Performance is not measured by “bottom line” numbers or market indicators.  Stewardship of the public trust requires a clear understanding of the basic values that support the democratic process and literacy in the fundamental documents that express those belief systems.        

The U.S. Constitution is used as the principal guide in helping you to understand the diverse goals of the government and the citizens you serve. FEI fosters executives who excel in a 21st-century world while remaining connected to the Constitutional principles forged in the 18th century. We invite you to join both worlds at FEI.

Through FEI programs, Senior Executive Service and GS-15 executives learn to:

  • Better serve the people of the United States in accordance with the Constitution
  • Build networks with other senior executives across the government
  • Gain insights that will improve leadership performance
  • Establish a leadership legacy that supports the organization’s mission for years to come
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