FEI’s Leadership for a Democratic Society program is accredited by the American Council on Education. Participants in the Leadership for a Democratic Society program can earn 12 graduate credits.

One of the reasons for establishing the FEI campus in Charlottesville, Virginia is the proximity of the University of Virginia (UVa). The founders of FEI anticipated a close intellectual relationship with UVa. FEI and UVa continue to work together through service by UVa faculty members as FEI adjuncts and vice versa, FEI participant and faculty use of UVa research and athletic facilities, and FEI recruitment of UVa students to serve as graduate fellows and undergraduate interns.

FEI’s Adjunct Faculty includes representatives from a wide range of U.S. colleges and universities including Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, Georgetown University, and the Maxwell School of Syracuse University.

Other university partnerships involve FEI program offerings. FEI in China: the U.S. - China Executive Program is based on partnerships with The Johns Hopkins University (JHU) and Tsinghua University. FEI in China brings Federal executives to travel to Beijing and engage in dialogue with Chinese government executives. JHU supports the course through program development, pre-departure orientation and briefings, and   liaison in China. Tsinghua hosts the program at its Beijing campus and provides courses and presentations for participants

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