Throughout its history, FEI has been known for the personal attention it gives to every executive who attends. The Leadership for a Democratic Society program is custom-fit to each participant through individual instrumented feedback, the ability to choose from a variety of small group courses and large group plenary sessions, one-on-one coaching from a faculty facilitator, and collaboration with program colleagues in a small Leadership Development Team.    

FEI is also known for its strength in building lasting relationships among program executives, who then help each other advance their careers and meet agency goals after graduation.    

FEI uses the U.S. Constitution as its overarching theme and compass in blending the diverse talents, needs, perspectives, and professional goals of participants, their agencies, and the citizens they serve. FEI fosters executives who excel in a 21st century world but remain connected to the Constitutional principles forged in the 18th century. Federal leaders join both worlds at FEI.    

FEI’s Wellness Program helps executives balance career and health needs. Beginning with a Health Risk Appraisal, FEI works with Leadership for a Democratic Society program participants by offering a physical screening, and presentations on health     risks, nutrition, and stress management. Optional daily aerobics and walking sessions as well as nutritional information on FEI’s menus support executives in living healthy lives.        

FEI challenges executives to examine their personal and organizational values, to explore how they are viewed by others, and to develop the skills to lead diverse work groups. The experience is designed to help public executives better prepare their organizations to meet societal challenges. In this way, FEI provides better public leadership through education.

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