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The themes of Leadership for a Democratic Society program reflect and enhance the Constitutional underpinning of federal government work and the common culture of senior federal executives. Executives explore and build their knowledge and skills in:    

  • Values-based leadership – exploring the Constitutional and democratic roots of American society, examining personal leadership styles, and relating personal to organizational values.        
  • Transforming organizations – learning to lead positive change through effective strategic thinking and action planning, building  coalitions and commitment, and creating positive learning environments.        
  • Policy in a constitutional system – understanding the unique context of leadership in the public sector and working effectively in the dynamic policy environment of the federal government.        
  • Global perspectives – understanding major trends in global affairs, recognizing global interconnectedness, and thinking like a citizen of the world.        

FEI’s Leadership for a Democratic Society brings together executives from 25 to 30 domestic and defense agencies for a unique, four-week residential learning experience. Benefits reported by graduates of Leadership for a Democratic Society program include:    

  • Keen insights into their leadership strengths and areas for development        
  • Improved leadership and management skills, especially in such areas as team building, influencing/negotiating, strategic thinking, political savvy, and external awareness        
  • Improved organizational performance as a result of what was learned and later applied back on the job        
  • Dramatically larger networks for enhanced problem solving        
  • Increased appreciation for the importance of Federal service and increased understanding of the diverse talents of Federal executives        
  • Broader understanding of the Constitution, the policy framework in which executives must lead, and the interplay among major stakeholders at the national level        
  • Improved personal wellness and balance in one’s life                                        

Industry, local governments, Not-for Profit and Education Executives can now enroll in the prestigious Leadership for a Democratic Society.

The LDS program is based on Constitutional values and historically reserved for senior government executives (GS-15, SES or equivalent). For additional information, please refer to the FEI Handbook, visit the Schedule at a Glance page, or contact the registration office at or (434) 980-6232. 

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