A Typical Day in the LDS Program

TimeScheduled Activity
6:30 am             8:00 am             Breakfast            
8:15 am             12:00 Noon Classes or Leadership Development Team Activities            
12:00 Noon             3:00 pm             Lunch, Fitness Activities (optional) and Study Time            
 3:00 pm              5:30 pm             Classes or Plenary Sessions            

Typical Courses and Plenary Sessions

FEI offers a wide range of courses and shorter sessions to address the four program themes and give executives choices to match their     individual learning needs. The table below gives typical choices. Not all choices are available in all programs.    

        Program Theme                 Typical Course Offerings                 Typical Shorter Sessions         
Personal Leadership         
  • The Science of Leadership and the Art of Gaining Followers
  • Power and Influence
  • The Aspen Institute Executive Seminar
  • Executives and the News Media
  • Leadership at Gettysburg
  • Wellness and Nutrition
Transforming Organizations         
  • Building High Performing Organizations
  • Collaborating Across Organizations
  • Creativity in Organizations
  • The Leadership Challenge
  • Managing Organizational Change
  • Leading across Generations
Policy in a Constitutional System         
  • Working with Congress
  • Thank You, Mr. Madison!
  • Justice and Individual Rights
  • The Supreme Court
  • Political Management and the Federal Executive
  • Washington Leadership Workshop
Global Perspectives         
  • The USA and the Global Economy
  • Critical Issues in American Foreign Policy
  • From Bosnia to Bin Laden: Ethnical, Cultural and Religious Conflict in World Affairs
  • Global Leadership
  • Crime and Punishment in America
  • Leadership Lessons from the Holocaust

Click here for the schedule at a glance: Course schedule

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