Is there evening work? What is there to do on evenings and weekends?

Normally there are no formal sessions in the evenings or weekends. However, participants should be prepared to meet with their presentation teams/consulting groups during evenings hours. Shepherdstown and the Eastern Panhandle have much to offer in the way of entertainment. Participants often get together for sightseeing, movies, shopping, skiing or hiking. The hotel front desk can provide further information. The Shepherdstown Visitors Center has a complete overview of events.

What is the dress code?

The dress code is casual: slacks and open collar shirts are the usual attire. We want you to be comfortable while you're here. The comfort level of our participants with the classroom temperatures varies so you may wish to bring a sweater or jacket for classroom use.

Will I receive Per Diem?

The tuition for your course covers all meals and lodging, and the per diem is $5.00 a day for incidentals, depending upon your agency.

Is transportation provided from the airport to EMDC? What is the cost?

The Clarion provides shuttle transportation between three airports (Reagan, Dulles and BWI) and the EMDC. Service  from alternative locations such as train stations may also be available subject to driver availability. Transportation must be scheduled in advance. Instructions for arranging transportation are provided with seminar pre-course materials. Rates vary depending on distance traveled and will be confirmed at time of reservation. Payment is due at the hotel's front desk upon check out.

Contact Information: Angie Kutcher EMDC Liaison/Shuttle Coordinator
Direct line: 304-870-7021
Office hours - Monday - Friday - 8 am - 4:00 pm

Clarion Hotel Front Desk 304-876-7000  24 hours/7 days a week.

Do I need a rental car?

Renting a car is not necessary. The Clarion Hotel and the Eastern Management Development Center are co-located in the same complex. Shuttle service is provided between Dulles, Reagan and BWI airports and the EMDC. If your agency has authorized a rental car, one can be rented at your arrival airport or at the Clarion Hotel. Enterprise Rental has weekend discounts available for Clarion Hotel guests, and parking is free at the hotel and the center. Contact Angie Kutcher, the EMDC Liaison/Shuttle Coordinator at 304-870-7021 for further information on shuttle services.

Can I stay in the hotel any additional nights not included in the tuition?

For each additional night you elect to stay beyond the term of the program, you will be charged the government rate of $84.00, plus tax per night. Please note on your lodging and transportation sheet any additional nights along with your Government Purchase Card number. For further information, contact Angie Kutcher, the EMDC Liaison, at 304-870-7021.

Can my spouse or guest accompany me?

Yes, but it is not recommended due to the intense nature of our programs. If you choose to bring a spouse or guest, the cost for guests 18 years and older is $20.00 a night. For guests 13 to 17 years of age, the additional cost is $10.00 per night, and children 12 and under are free. For further information, contact Angie Kutcher, the EMDC Liaison, at 304-870-7021.

Is there a fitness center?

All EMDC program participants have access to the Clarion Hotel Fitness Center. The Fitness Center includes weight machines, treadmills, and elliptical and rowing machines. There is a full size basketball court, an outdoor swimming pool, a sauna and steam room. There are scheduled morning outdoor walks and evening classes and therapeutic massage services available upon request.

Does EMDC have email access?

You can access email from the computers in the EMDC's Technology Center, all of which have internet access. There is also WIFI connection   if you choose to bring your notebook with you. If your agency does not have web-based email (i.e. if you have to dial into a separate number to connect), you will have to access it through the telephone jack in your hotel room. The hotel front desk staff will assist you if you have problems connecting.

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